H_st_rical Narratives
Suoja/Shelter Festival-Laboratory Vol.3 will be held on the 12-14th of June 2020 in an online format.

The conceptual frame of the 3rd edition of Suoja/ Shelter Festival-Laboratory is an affective take on the history of computation and its relation to power, control, political agency, and sovereignty. Historical narratives confine the past into narrow cells, fitting its body into casting molds in order to fulfil the urge for orientation in the course of time, to serve identity-forming functions, and to define an imaginable course of actions guided by the agency of historical knowledge. Past serves the above sublime cause, but it might not abate its suffering in a stringent cage, and the pressure of confinement might trigger its response to be hysterical when such significant phenomena as computation arise, and crises, revolutions, cognitive dissonances, and ontological shifts follow.

The pandemic just accelerated the processes of the data economy: while the public attention is focused on an illness, its deficits, as well as pre-lockdown matters, such as the pitfalls of surveillance-capitalism withdraw to latency. At this point, it is even more topical than before, that the establishment of technological sovereignty is the very basis for maintaining democracy as we know or imagine it.
Drawing on the concept of "really useful knowledge" originating in radical educational movements of the early nineteenth-century England, and the notion of the Situation Room, a place with the aim to provide its users with current intelligence to resolve crises, Suoja /Shelter Festival-Laboratory sets up a twofold online structure to foster collective "self-help" in these h_st_rical times.


Alexander Veryovkin, Ali Akbar Mehta, Anya Kravchenko, Bahar Noorizadeh, Dani Ploeger, Dasha Ilina, eeefff, Elli Kuruş, Eyal Gruss, Gabriel Martinho, Gaspar Cohen, Geraldine Juárez, João Maia, Marina Shamova, Pablo DeSoto, Pedro Diaz, Practical Affectology Unit, Sheung Yiu, Sofia Haines, Valentina Lutsenko, Veronica Daniela.

Curators: Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás, Ksenia Yurkova, Anastasia Vepreva

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